how to LEVEL UP your knowledge, understanding and confidence to stop getting pushed around and taken advantage of in the courtroom! 

Custody Court Level Up

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  • LIVE Coaching and Q&A each month!
  • ​Level up your knowledge, understanding and confidence in the courtroom.
  • Unlock new trainings and strategies each week.
  • Get results in the courtroom.
  • Stop getting pushed around in court!
  • ​Stop guessing about what works and start doing it!

"I Used Everything Anthony Taught Me And I Got Everything I Wanted!"

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  • Amazing Teacher!
  • Used Everything He Taught Me!
  • ​Got Everything I Wanted!

"I Didn't Comprehend How Life Changing!"

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  • So Glad I Stumbled Upon Facebook Ad!
  • Impacted My Life In Ways I Could Never Explain!
  • Thanks For Being My Hero!

"You Will Be Better Prepared!"

Lisa's Story...

  • A Space Unlike Any Other!
  • My Favorite Is The Way He Gets You To Think About Your Case!
  • ​You Will Be Better Prepared!
Get Immediate Access To Hours Of Coaching! 
Level Up Your Knowledge, Understanding And Confidence!
A custody battle is a devastating process for good parents and grandparents. 

The emotions involved can become unbearable. 

The anxiety, the anger, the sadness, the heartache, and the sleepless nights can ruin our lives. 

This genuine, raw emotion causes so much pain and so many questions. 

Am I doing the right thing? 

Will my kids be ok?

Will they still love me?

How long will this last?

The larger your heart, the more severe the pain. 

The questions about life are bad enough. 

When you add in the fact that 95% of parents have no idea what they're doing in custody court, that pain can be aggravated to cause even the strongest people to reach a breaking point. 

It's a recipe for disaster not only in the courtroom but in life.

Surely there has to be an answer to the questions and a cure for the heartache. 

If only there could be a place to go for teaching and LIVE coaching to help people gain the knowledge, understanding and confidence that they need to thrive in this environment. 

Something for parents and grandparents on a tight budget.

Unfortunately, there's never been anything like that. 

Until now.
LIVE coaching and Q&A each month plus hours of training unlocked each week! 
The Custody Court Level Up Program is the only easy and affordable way to level up your knowledge, understanding and confidence in your custody battle!

With your membership to Level Up you will finally have the answers and guidance that you have been seeking. 

Plus, you'll obtain strategies and methods that you never even knew existed. 

Once you sign up you'll have immediate access to over 2 hours of training videos on various helpful topics that will get you started on the right track.

Each week a new training and topic will be unlocked for you to watch at your leisure.

And the best part....each month you'll be invited to a LIVE 2-hour coaching session and Q&A with Anthony Bompiani via Zoom. 

Unable to make the LIVE session? No problem. The recording will be stored in the private membership site and you'll have access to it for the length of your membership. 

Month after month your confidence will continue to grow.

Say goodbye to the sleepless nights and hello to a feeling of peace and understanding.

With Level Up you'll no longer have to waste your time searching the internet for answers like needles in the haystack.

Join Custody Court Level Up today and put yourself on the path to success, confidence and peace of mind!

"It Makes Your Life 10 Times Easier!"

Krystal's Story...

  • The Training Is Awesome!
  • Makes Your Life 10 Times Easier!
  • Used The Tips And Tricks With Her Ex
  • ​Forever Thankful!

"This Training Will Save Us Thousands!"

Brandi's Story...

  • Represented By An Attorney!
  • I Thought I Knew A Lot!
  • ​This Training Is Invaluable!
  • ​Will Save Us Thousands!

Reunited With His Daughter After Two Years!

Spencer's Story...

  • I Have Got What I Was Asking For!
  • Never Give Up!
  • Went Nearly 2 Years!
  • ​Picking Up Where We Left Off!

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"I Have So Much More Peace After Going Through The Modules!"

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  • I'll Second The Program Worth!
  • If You Think You Might Be Interested Don't Second Guess!
  • You'll Realize You'd Have Paid A Lot More!
  • ​Delivery Is Down To Earth!
Here's What You Will Get With 
Custody Court Level Up 
($1,336.00 Value):
A LIVE Training And Q&A Every Month
  • ​​This LIVE Coaching Session will be conducted by Anthony Bompiani via Zoom. 
  • ​Miss the LIVE Session? No problem! Replays will be stored in the membership page!
  • ​Topics covered will be announced prior to the session.
  • ​A Question and Answer session will follow each session for the LIVE attendees.
Immediate Access To Replays Of Previous Monthly Trainings
Once you enroll you will have immediate access to past replays of the monthly trainings. Replays will be available forever so that you may learn at your own pace. Previous trainings include:
  • ​The Secrets To Co-Parenting In A Split Family
  • ​How To Choose An Attorney (Vetting And Hiring)
  • How To Fire An Attorney
  • ​Finding Peace In Blended Families
Immediate Access To Hours Of Courtroom Training 
Immediately begin learning the ropes of custody court. With this program you will Level Up your knowledge, expertise, understanding and confidence in the courtroom. Trainings include:
  • ​Finding Success During Each Part Of the Hearing Or Trial (Opening Statements, Direct Examination, Cross Examination, Closing Arguments);
  • ​​How To Present Physical Evidence In Court (A Six-Part Video Series)
A New Training Unlocked Each Week
    Within your first month of membership, you will unlock trainings that will build on your knowledge and expertise so that you reach of level of confidence that will help you attain the results you deserve in the courtroom. Future trainings include:
    • ​The elements of a great direct testimony. What to say and what not to say?
    • ​The direct testimony of your significant other. What should they say on the stand?
    • ​​The direct testimony of an observation witness.
    • ​And more!!
    The Custody Attorney's Briefcase
    • ​Over 30 PA forms and templates that you can use as a guide in your case.
    • Learn the language used in legal documents.
    Here's A Full Summary Of What 
    You're Going To Get!!
    Live Coaching and Q&A Every Month
    $295.00 Value
    Immediate Access To Hours of Courtroom Training
    $497.00 Value
    New Trainings Unlocked Each Week
    $297.00 Value
    The Custody Attorney Briefcase
    $247.00 Value
    This Offer Expires SOON!!
    Regular Price $97.00/Month
    Only $47/Month
    No Contract. Cancel At Anytime.

    "It's Worth Every Penny!"

    Kyle's Story...

    • Worth Every Penny!
    • The Info In The Course Is Worth It Alone!
    • ​Plus All The Support, Feedback, Collaboration From The Group!
    • ​Definitely Worth It!

    "You Essentially Have Reunited A Father And A Son!"

    Bryn's Story...

    • I Hope You Realize The Impact You Have Made With This Training!
    • My Husband Would Not Have Had The Courage To Move Forward!
    • Gave The Knowledge We Needed To Make It Happen!
    • ​Seriously Amazing!

    Who Is Anthony Bompiani?

    • Custody Attorney For Nearly 20 Years
    • National Trial Lawyers Top 100 Trial Attorney
    • ​Nominated To Super Lawyers
    • ​National Trial Lawyers Top 40 Under 40 (Previous Award)
    • ​Owner of
    • ​Creator of Custody Case Mastery - The advanced course and Mastermind Program helping parents and grandparents around the country.

    "Let Me Tell You How Worth It Is!"

    Jessica's Story...

    • So Worth It!
    • Fought Hard For Last 8 Years!
    • Now Has Custody!
    • ​Used Custody Case Mastery To Get Her Ex To Give Her What She Wants!

    Will Empower You To Advocate For Yourself And Your Children!

    Mary Jane's Story...

    • This Course Is Worth Every Penny!
    • Will Empower You!
    • You Get A Course And An Advocate To Check In With!
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